Paul Weston offers a bespoke infographics and illustration service. The process of creating an infographic, illustration or graphic publication should always be initially a collaborative one, with discussion on what you are aiming to do with the piece. Where it is to be used, whether it’s for online publication, print or larger scale exhibition panel uses? Is it aimed at consumers, a business, or an informational piece related to your brand?
As a creator of infographics and visualisations for various industries, I understand the necessity for precision, particularly with complex, or overwhelming information which is hard to get across to an audience. My process helps refine the complexity of your knowledge, and will simplify the content, in essence it’s an edit process which cuts to the core of your message. With many automated infographics tools online, this is something that you are limited in, due to the template nature of free software.
So this is why my service offering provides the best solution for your business. I operate with 100% discretion and suggest collaboration at the start of the project to make sure everything is in place and that I can use the data and reference in the most effective way. During our talks, we can decide on an approach, the aesthetic and overall message and I can advise and support you on gathering ideas to make the most of the project.
Once it’s agreed on who the target audience is, we can then discuss what message you want to promote and then decide on how best to approach the project. It’s important to decide on how colour, styling and design should be used and how to incorporate your branding effectively.

1.  Initial conversations
2.  Help you define the brief
3.  Research assess and edit your information
4.  Propose initial concepts in order to agree visual direction and message
5.  Refine most appropriate concept with wire frames for draft 1
6.  Produce finished looking design work for draft 2
8.  Finalise designs incorporating final tweaks and amends

Each stage progresses after client agreement and sign-off. This process will ensure planned and timely delivery of creative work to suit your brief, budget and delivery requirements.
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