Data Visualisation sounds complicated but it is essentially a way to display your data or statistics in a visually compelling way. Ultimately, reams of numbers and stats can be dull to look at and very rarely keep people’s interest. However, with smart data visualisation techniques, through infographics or specific data graphics and charts, promoted and designed in a stimulating way, you can capture the attention you need and get the message across effectively. Analysing data and presenting it to customers involves communicating data by using visual objects, such as lines or bars within an impressive graphic.

So why use Data? It’s still the most effective way to get your message across. Numbers are telling and the way you present them can make all the difference.

Why is Data Important?
Humans process information in different ways but it’s proven that visual stimulation makes processing data easier and by using data visualisation techniques and presenting it in colourful, designed images, it removes the need for poring over spreadsheets and reports.

Benefits of Data Visualisation:
Clarify what influences customer behaviour for internal use
Reports on Sales Figures
Understand complex results and processes
Identify what needs improvement across the business
Promote complex information to your customers
Promote your brand in fun and engaging ways by using impressive statistics to draw people in.

The Data Visuals Process
It can vary from project to project and the process for gathering data is different but ultimately, I will take the data you need to promote and look at the possible options for displaying it in an exciting and engaging way. Designing around different topics and data sets is something I can offer and will also require input from you,the client, in order to make sure we’re on the right track.

Why Infographics?
Infographics are a great marketing tool, especially with the rise of social media over traditional methods of marketing. They can be colourful, informative and structured in a way to get your message across, whether it be through data sets, images or brand messaging.

Benefits of Infographics:
Visually engaging
Strong brand promotion
Fun way to show statistics and information
Create something that can be shared across social  networks
Promote a product or brand journey through “tall graphics”
Impactful and memorable design

Some of the most creative and fun online graphics have been created by using infographics. Shareable material is hugely popular especially across social media and there are some very well known infographics, such as the Beatles”who wrote the songs” infographic and the “Coke” break down of what happens within an hour of drinking Coke. Any subject can be tackled, no matter how seemingly dull or uninteresting - if your infographic is designed in the right way, with style and creativity, we can produce some truly inspiring pieces.

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