Paul Weston is part of the Genius & Me design studio, communicating big ideas through technical illustration and infographics. As the creator of award winning designs and countless published infographics with some of the biggest names in publishing, I’m excited to offer my expertise and experience to create unique, eye-catching graphics, no matter what you need.
With my experience producing work across multiple subjects and industries, I’m confident that whatever graphic you need, whether it’s an infographic, cover illustrations for publications, product explainers or user guides, I can produce them with clarity and simplicity of design, incorporating your core ethos and message.
Benefits of working with me:

One-to-one personalised service

Competitive pricing
Award winning designer and illustrator with many years experience
Variety of experience across multiple industries
Part of the Genius & Me design studio, offering further team support
Strategic process to ensure planned and timely delivery to suit your needs
Not only can I work on large projects for publications but I have previously worked on one off commissions and specific contract work that use my expertise to promote brand, product or message. My skills enable me to offer full creative support and direction or to drill down and provide fine detail on specific points of your project.
My award winning visuals have informed and educated millions of people around the world, from the United States to the UK and from courtrooms to your nursery bookshelves. I take time to understand the complexity of your industry and knowledge and to simplify the content with clever creative concepts that are clear, concise and a pleasure to view. The professional approach gives you confidence that your message will be understood by your customer, whoever or wherever they are.
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