For this piece I collaborated with GridBank to create an illustrated infographic that presents the overarching principles of grid batteries and the efficiencies and advantages they offer. This infographic serves as an excellent tool for presentations, marketing decks, and social media marketing, and was specifically developed with those applications in mind. The design features engaging illustrations that help to make the content more accessible and engaging for viewers.

Working closely with Ramboll engineers I helped bring to life this sustainable energy network concept. The design showcases how various energy sources can be linked together to form a network for different points of use. The infographic was created in the Ramboll brand style and captures the essence of the sustainable energy network concept. The end result is a visually appealing and informative infographic that can be used for a variety of purposes, including presentations and marketing materials.

I collaborated with Erda to produce theses illustrations for their website. Together we developed a playful animation to showcase their geothermal energy solutions for various built environment sectors. The illustrations were designed to be engaging and visually appealing, while also conveying important information about Erda's products and services.

infographic, illustration, fracking, shale gas, graphic, carbon, visual communication, technical.
Infographic, Illustration, technical, geological, cutaway, visual communication, energy, nuclear.
Infographic, map illustration, energy, uk energy projects, nuclear, visual communications.
This cover illustration for the report for the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and North Sea Basin Task Force, offers a study into North Sea cross border CO2, transport and storage.
Infographic, illustration, technical, visual communications, sustainability, low carbon, solution, tidal, energy.
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