This was a graphic which explained exactly what was involved in paralympic archery. With the challenges that wheelchair bound athletes face, this image describes just how it works, along with a breakdown of the equipment used including the bow and the wheelchair.
We had the opportunity with this graphic to describe in detail the process of wheelchair tennis and how it works in the context of the paralympics. It includes an illustration of the two participants and the rules involved.

Cycling is one of the most popular and most interesting of the olympic sports and this is true with the paralympics too. Consisting of tandem, handcycles, tricycles and bicycles, the range of bikes available in the paralympics caters for those athletes with certain disabilities.
One of the more interesting paralympic sports is Sitting Volleyball. To convey the structure of the game the illustration had to show the players on each side of the court with a breakdown of the distances, height and length of the arena, as well as the rules for the sport.
This graphic shows the layout of a paralympic swimming pool which was used at the Paralympics Aquatics Centre. It displays the information and structure of a paralympic race including the need for blacked out goggles and aided starts. Assistance on the podium and sitting starts are allowed and catered for. We also designed the image of a “tapper” for visually impaired athletes and a classification chart based on the level of impairment.
Our illustration for the paralympic track had to include details on the layout and sections of each part of the track. We also created an illustrated wheelchair athlete showing the specialised design of the chair. Underneath we included the classification chart, used in many other of our illustrations, detailing the level of visual impairment but also including limb loss deficiency and levels of degrees for cerebral palsy.
I have produced a range of illustrations covering all of the paralympic sports, including wheelchair rugby, rowing, wheelchair fencing, paralympic sailing and swimming and athletics. I am proud of the work I’ve produced for the largest sporting event in the World and the Telegraph Media Group.
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