Data visualisation sounds complicated but it’s actually all about simplification. It takes big fat data and statistics and turns them into something beautiful, memorable and easy to understand.
In the raw, reams of numbers and stats can be dull to look at and overwhelming. It’s hard to spot the story behind the spreadsheet. But pull out those same figures, apply data visualisation techniques and great design and you’ve suddenly got accessible and captivating infographics, data graphics and charts.
These smart visuals grab your audience and get your message across in a way that a plain list or table can never do. The secret is in analysing the data and presenting it with clever, engaging visual elements in an impressive graphic. Numbers and stats become beautiful.

Why is VISUALISING Data Important?
Humans process information in different ways but it’s proven that visual stimulation makes it easier. By using data visualisation techniques and colourful, beautifully-designed imagery, your audience doesn’t have to pore over spreadsheets and reports.
Data visualisation makes life easier for them. And that can only be a good thing.
Benefits of Data Visualisation:
Show your teams how customer behaviour is influenced
Reveal the story behind your sales figures
Help people understand complex results and processes
Identify what needs improvement across the business
Explain complex information to your customers
Promote your brand in fun and engaging ways

The Data Visuals Process
Every project is different but basically I’ll grapple with your data and explore fresh ways of displaying it to make it punchy and exciting. I can design around different topics and data sets - and I’ll talk to you throughout the process to make sure we’re on the right track.
Why Infographics?
Infographics are brilliant for marketing, especially with the rise of social media. Colourful, informative and simple, they get your message across in a way that’s deliciously shareable.
Benefits of Infographics:
Visually engaging
Strong brand promotion
Statistics and information become fun
Shareable on social media
Mobile & tablet-friendly infographics
Impactful and memorable design

We’re used to seeing creative and fun online graphics and infographics brightening up our social media channels, where they’re regularly shared - some becoming pretty famous in their own right.
No matter how dull your topic or data, data visualisation and infographics can inject style, creativity and inspiration.

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