Creating an infographic, illustration or graphic publication is a collaborative process. We’ll kick off by discussing what you want to say, where you want to say it and who you want to say it to.
Is it purely digital or is it for print, exhibition panels or other large scale uses? Is it aimed at the public, consumers, businesses or organisations?
I’ve spent over 20 years creating infographics and visualisations for various industries, so I know it’s vital to get things spot on, especially with complex information that might be hard to put across to an audience.
My process helps to pinpoint what you know and simplify what you need to say. Together, we’ll drill down to the core of the message - and that’s a skill you’ll never find in an automated infographic tool. Together, we’ll decide on a direction, an aesthetic and an overall message that incorporates your branding and speaks directly to your audience.
And if your project is top secret, that’s no problem either. I’m happy working under non-disclosure agreements or in strict confidentiality.
1.  Discuss
2.  Define
3.  Research and edit
4.  Initial concepts
5.  Refine
6.  Polish
7.  Finalise

Every job is different but these are the key stages. And rest assured I’ll be in touch throughout, getting your sign off before moving onto the next stage. What does that mean for you?  A great piece of work, on time and on budget.
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